REVERSE THE CITY DEAL 1) give Kembla a future 2) give the Airport quality transit

ACCC and Nine/Fairfax join Port of Newcastle's blunders

The new NSW Freight & Ports Plan shows the PON approach has completely failed and that Newcastle has been betrayed again - Carr in '03, Baird in '14, now Berejiklian in '18.  

ACCC says "developed the concept" is good enough!  NO!  The SMH and AFR continue to dissemble the rwality of lack of land infrastructure.

Who can Newcastle trust?


The Federal Government lost two opportunities to show it realises the dreadful blunder it committed with the WS City Deal.  On 16 December, its Mid-Year Economic and Financial Outlook failed to "repair" the two Budget 2018 errors, thereby concreting the gap in credibility between promoting trade and suffocating ports and logistics chains. The other was simply allowing Parliament to rise without even mentioning a national crisis.

On 11 December PON released a report (part of which it wrote) by AlphaBeta which claimed Australia's best container terminal (in prospect) would deliver massive savings to a nominally-reduced catchment.  There was no recognition of economic and political realities like lack of land transport connections and sub-scale diseconomies.

On 24 Sept Port of Newcastle praised the Government's Newcastle Metro Plan, thinking "PON's Master Plan 2040 highlights a suite of projects that also align with the goals of the Metropolitan Plan for Greater Newcastle, including Newcastle Container Terminal".  Not so, it's a change in a map label and a "we'll work together" - the Freight Strategy putting an end to that.

PON keeps us amused with ongoing misstatements which avoid reality.  Updates appear on the PON tab but on or about 25 September they posted an website image of a "roll-on-roll-off" vessel entering the Port.  Unfortunately it is a passenger ship, are they proposing to give all passengers a go-cart?


Too much stupidity

The Port is marketing itself without a competent economic and infrastructure foundation.

The Governments and industry bodies have assumed too much about Port Botany and Moorebank, and sterilised Kembla and Newcastle through blunder and deceit.

This is the first known modelling of socio-economic aspects of Port Botany (the author was one of the three designers of Maldon-Dombarton who also set up container railing).

It destroys the Calfas Panel's protection of the Botany/Moorebank oligopoly which is cross-Party.

This is the second in the Thinking Logical Logistics series and has behind it the EASTERN SEABORD RAIL FREIGHT PLAN.  The Turnbull Government was as blind as Berejiklian's and they must  both be made accountable somehow.

Newcastle and Kembla?

Botany monopoly & PON attitude must be broken

The NSW Government and its fellow conspirators in iA and the NSW Ports corporation, and PON, must stop their stupidity and adopt a logical socio-economic, evidence-based foundation, to overcome government and industry delusion zone - especially Port of Newcastle.

Honour Botany's 40% railing "social contract" as established by Premier Wran in 1981 and REAFFIRMED BY PM TURNBULL in the 2018 Budget - PON unaware of even basics

Better plan than Port of Newcastle has and not properly considered by it including refusal for special Board consideration.


Like to make a change?

1.  understand how few we can trust

2. force Port of Newcastle to listen

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